Organizing 101 - 7 Problem Areas & How to Conquer Them

Amy Jones
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The information contained in this publication came about due to the feedback, observations and information I gathered while speaking to over 1,000 people on the topic Getting Rid of Possessions, It’s Harder Than You Think . This program was created specifically for Senior Access/Generations Group at Methodist Health Systems.

During this series, there were some common threads:

#1 Being organizing means something different to everyone.

#2 Clutter means something different to everyone.

#3 People will justify keeping almost anything if it has sentimental or perceived value.

#4 Higher value is typically placed on items that have a high level of emotional attachment.

#5 People tend to keep things out of guilt or obligation.

These are the common threads that I’ve experienced working with thousands of clients as well. Typically, it is only when someone is forced to make a change that they will do it. Becoming open, willing and able to accept advice, help and solutions creates a healthier course for positive actions and transformation. My ultimate organizing goal is to get you to the point where you only spend 15 minutes per day maintaining the plan that has been created for you.

I have found getting organized involves these simple concepts:

~ It is about making you comfortable in your own home.

~ It is about walking in your home and the first thing you see makes you smile.

~ It is about surrounding yourself with things you love and that bring you happiness.

~ Only YOU can define YOUR feeling of happiness and comfort.  

This guidebook covers the following:

1. Paper - What can be done with the never-ending supply of paper?

2. Photographs - The family history in photos—who’s even in them?

3. Kitchen - When is the last time you cleaned out your fridge or pantry?

4. Garage - Do you use the garage for a storage area?

5. Master Closet & Clothes – When is the last time you went through everything in the closet?

6. Storage – Do you keep excess items in a storage building, unit or off-site?

7. Sentimental Items & Collectibles (Emotional Value vs Market Value) - Who are you keeping the mementos, memorabilia and family heirlooms for?

Time to Stay on Track Worksheet

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Organizing 101 - 7 Problem Areas & How to Conquer Them

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