Write Your Story Course*

Amy Jones

This is THE COURSE to Write Your Story

It took me five years to write my story and publish my first book, Better for Being Broken. I had to constantly search and research information about writing styles, writer's block, chapter structure, content and technical details such as punctuation, formatting and design.

After learning all the do's and don'ts, I didn't want someone else to go through all the trials and challenges I had while writing.

I created this course specifically to help and assist you with everything you will need to write your story. In addition to this course, if you require further help at any time, I offer expert coaching advice whether it is about writing, life or situational challenges.

Course Overview:

Lesson 1: WHY Write Your Story

The most important step of writing your story is to find your why. Your why is your motivation to finally begin and will become your inspiration to finish. Sometimes we learn that our deepest why is very different than what we initially thought.

Lesson 2: Getting Started & General Writing Rules

Selecting the tools that work best for you will help you start the process. Using journal entries, translating your thoughts onto paper and learning about punctuation, grammar and paragraph structure all provide the foundation to your writing practice.

Lesson 3: Establishing a Writing Practice

Discovering the best time of day and location will help you establish the best environment for creativity and writing flow. Learn how to create the most conducive atmosphere to support your writing journey.

Lesson 4: Finding Your Unique Writing Style

Learning how to write that makes sense in today’s world, active voice vs. passive voice and when to ask for assistance from peers and professionals are all components of your unique writing style.

Lesson 5: Structuring Your Chapters & Book

Revealing information about how reading and writing has changed in the last few years including sentence and paragraph structure. Learn the value of creating a story board as a visual tool to help you formulate your chapters and, ultimately, your book.

Lesson 6: Writer's Block & Emotional Aspects

Everyone faces writer’s block however there are tools and prompts you can use to help get through it. Allowing your emotions to surface so that you can process the information of your life is a powerful tool in validating where you’ve been, where you are and where you’re going.

Lesson 7: Resources, Tips & Tricks

Take advantage of my research, insights and professional resources including cover design, layout, Amazon information, the editing process and more. All combined in a concise lesson for you to utilize and help you look as professional as possible.

Lesson 8: Summing It All Up

Final thoughts to help you cross the finish line. Remember, I’m available for personal coaching as well. Send an email to: amy@lifeinmerida.com and let me know what's going on.

I look forward to learning more about YOUR Story!

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P.S. Here are some of the testimonials I've received:

“What a gift! Writing MY story was the key in my healing process. I had no idea how powerful it would be to see my life right in front of me and to be able to work through all of the thoughts, emotions and memories that had been held prisoner in my mind and body. Forever appreciative of this program!” - Sarah B.

“Learning how to write in a way that was easy, understandable and enjoyable were the highlights of the program. Writing has been something I’ve struggled with for a long time and something that I’ve wanted to do for as long as I can remember. I definitely recommend this program for anyone who wants to write their story.” - Abby G.

“I had no idea about how to start, where to begin or what to write about. The information in this program is invaluable and worth much more than the nominal cost. I would gladly pay four, five or six times the fee for what I’ve learned and been able to do.” - Mark T.

I want this!

Write Your Story Course*

I want this!