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Learn About Mérida: The Ultimate Guidebook

This Guidebook features the Must-Have, Essential Items for the BEST Experience in Mérida! 

The compilation of thousands of hours of research, interviews, personal trials and tribulations so you will have the best experience! This guide contains important and current information you need to prepare and visit Mérida. 

The Problem

Frustrated when you can't find the information you are looking for as you get ready to visit Mérida? Believe me, I know how you feel because it happened to me too.

More Frustration

Finally, you found some expat groups and are getting some "advice". As the old saying goes, ask 10 people a question and you will get 10 different answers. Who to trust? Where to turn? What is the right information?

The Solution

I've spent thousands of hours of real research while in Mérida - verifying, vetting, and validating information because I'm here. While I do offer a personal perspective, I also provide unbiased information for YOU to make the best choices. 

Essential info IF you are:

- a first time visitor

- considering moving here

- curious about the second safest city in North Amerida

- looking for a place to vacation in Mexico

- retirement age

- want a better quality of life

- work remotely

- want to start a new life

- exploring changing your life completely in a great way

Ready to learn about Mérida? Let's do it!


#1 Airbnb - 5 Secrets for the Best Stay

#2 Beaches - Day Trips & Cenotes

#3 Budget - 22 Tips to Save $$$

#4 Cost of Living - The Unfiltered Truth 

#5 Driving - Pump Gas, Navigation & Rules

#6 End of Life Plan - Be Prepared

#7 Expat Ready? - 27 Ways to Know

#8 Grocery Stores - Chains, Markets & Specialty

#9 History - From Mayan to Modern Day

#10 Home Delivery - Amazon, Rappi & Mercado Libre

#11 Insects - Ants, Flies & Roaches

#12 Itinerary - Budget Friendly 

#13 Jobs - Working as an Expat

#14 Medication - How to Bring Meds to Mérida

#15 Medical Care - Hospitals, Clinics & Doctors

#16 Mosquitoes - Protect Yourself

#17 Navigation - Layout of the City

#18 Neighborhoods - What You Need to Know 

#19 Pharmacies - Buying Prescription Drugs

#20 Police - Little Known Information

#21 Real Estate - Buying Property

#22 Rentals - 11 Long Term Tips

#23 Safety - Mexico's Safest City

#24 Spanish - Top Schools & Learning App

#25 Tipping - Where? When? Who? How?

#26 Toilet Paper - Serious Questions Answered

#27 Travel - Airports & Buses

#28 Transportation - Uber, DiDi & InDriver

#29 Water - To Drink or Not To Drink

#30 Weather - Rain, Heat & Hurricanes

PLUS 7 BONUS Chapters

Bonus #1

- Research - Planning & Preparation

Bonus #2

- 21 Things People Said to Me about Moving to Mérida 

Bonus #3

- 15 Unmistakable Signs Moving to Mérida is on the Horizon

Bonus #4

- 25 Tips on Moving to Mérida

Bonus #5

- FAQ's & Tips

Bonus #6

- Mérida Mexico Experiences - information for living, working or retiring in Mérida, personally customized for your needs. Personal guided experiences or self-guided itineraries available.

Bonus #7

- Meet Visitors & Locals at SUMMUS Catering Service Events


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Learn About Mérida: The Ultimate Guidebook

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